Don't Let Them Tell You You're Broken

Dear sister,

Let me be the one to officially tell you.

You’re not broken.

No matter what they’ve told you,

He, she, them, they —

Beyond the words,

You’re not broken.

Despite the fact that the world we live in might be constantly telling you otherwise,

You’re not broken.

Fuck the magazine columns, the TV shows, the movies,

Fuck all of it.

While all of these things might communicate that you’re lacking in one way or another,

You’re not.

You’re not broken.

You might have been led to believe over the years,

That there are things inherently wrong with you.

And I’m here you tell you,

Right now,

In this moment.

There’s nothing wrong with you.

You’re not broken.

No matter the ways people may have tried to possess you, undress you, or coalesce you,

They can’t change you.

No one can change you,

Or the exquisite and unique beauty that is you.

Regardless of the ways people have torn you down in the past,

The trauma you’ve endured, the pain you’ve experienced, or the sadness you’ve been lost in.

You’re not broken.

Dear one,

You are whole by nature.

People may try,

People will try,

But they can never take than from you.

You are whole, you are wild, and you are free.

You’re so far from broken.

Posted on July 1, 2015 and filed under Empowerment, Poetry, Inspiration.