Being Purposeful is a Choice

Sometimes I lose all motivation.

All of it.

I feel the magnitude of healing that the world as a whole is in need of and begin questioning the significance of what I have to offer in the face of that.

Is it even worth it?

If our demise is inevitable and the world seems to be turning in on itself more and more rapidly by the day, what's the point?

My contribution at times feels insignificant and I begin to question whether the effort I put in, the part I'm playing in the grand scheme of it all, is even meaningful.

I'll traipse through my day in a state of disconnect, with a sense of disempowerment, at my seeming inability to make change happen.

But then I remember that change doesn't necessarily always happen in an instant -- both in our personal lives and in the world.

You're moving through life, thinking no progress is being made, and then you turn around to look back on where you've come from and realize you've made it to the summit of this epic mountain you never thought you'd make it to the top of.

The work we put in adds up, accumulates, and makes a difference over time.

I think regular self-inquiry of our contribution and where we're investing our energy is a healthy thing, as long as we don't allow it to debilitate us in what we're here to do.

Even if it doesn't seem like we're making a difference, that we're just so damn stuck in our current reality, that our contribution to the world isn't having an impact, that we're going unnoticed and fuck, it's just not worthwhile -- it's always worthwhile.

What's the use in giving up completely, and living an unmotivated life, when we can be here and do the best we can with the time we have?

I'd much rather live a purposeful life, one with meaning, even if I don't achieve all my goals in this lifetime or my contribution doesn't add up in the way I envision, because every bit of our work toward healing and helping others, and in turn, the world, is so very needed.

The effort and investment of energy is always worth it, even if at the end we all keel over and return to the Earth anyway.