Your Self-Worth is Innate, Got it?

Self-worth can be hard to come by in this modern age

It’s trendy to bare it all

For no purpose

Other than to garner attention

And have our beauty validated

What if everyone just knew that beauty is inherent?

Then, much would we bare of ourselves?

There’s a difference between art and pimping yourself out

There’s a difference between being comfortable in your sexuality

And using your sex appeal to source a love that can only be found within

Nowadays, instead of seeking that sense of self-love

Respect comes in the form of “followers” and “likes”

“You got HOW many likes on that photo?!”

How can you possibly respect yourself

When you only have a few hundred followers on Instagram

You’re nothing without your “followers”

With our group of friends determined by Facebook

Social media is defining so much of who we are

Whether we’re a person of importance

Or just another person in this sea of humans

What happened to creating our own sense of self

By knowing and owning our innate worth

With or without the external praise and validation

From others

If we don’t respect ourselves first

How can we expect anyone else to?

If we don’t love ourselves first

How can we expect anyone else to?

Don’t ever forget that your sense of worthiness transcends the façade of social media

That it’s not something that’s gauged by space and time

By what you do or don’t do

And especially not by another person

Your worth is innate

Who you are as an individual is absolutely enough

Stop seeking that worth elsewhere

It’s already there.

Posted on May 10, 2016 and filed under Inspiration, Self-Love.