You'll Never Be Fully "Caught Up"

You might never fully feel like you're "caught up".

Life seems to be moving at a more rapid pace all the time, and not only that, but our plates continue to fill with more commitments and responsibilities.

It often feels like the moment I finish something, twice more the load of things to do piles up.

Instead of "trying to keep up" with everything, judging yourself for "falling behind", or wishing you had "more time" -- surrender to the fact that it's never going to be all done.

Life is constantly emptying and re-filling -- it's how the cycles work.

Instead of being in perpetual "catch-up mode", learn to prioritize your responsibilities based on time sensitivity and importance. Structure a personal and work life flow that feels right for you, and you only -- it's going to be different for each individual.

Trust your process and do your best.

You can't ask much more of yourself than that.