You Simply Cannot Anticipate Loss

You never know when loss is going to show up in your life.

So often it arrives unexpectedly.

Life is too short to hold anything back, especially how you feel about the people in your life.

When you feel the urge to tell someone something, do it. Don't keep it to yourself.

Chances are, they probably could really use hearing whatever it is you have to say.

Regardless of whether or not they "need" to hear it, it's going to feel really, really good to receive from you.

Lately, I've been working on getting in the habit of sending off a message or making a phone call, even if brief, sending my love to whomever pops into my mind or just telling them why I appreciate them.

Not only does it feel so good to do, but it's always so deeply appreciated by the person on the receiving end.

Often, sharing love with those in our lives feels just as good as receiving it from others.

Give your love generously and often... you really just never know.