Yes, I'm a Goddamn Romantic

I’m not the least bit ashamed
about the fact that I’m a romantic
I fall a little bit
in some way
for just about everyone I’m intimate with
even those I’m not necessarily physically intimate with
but feel an intimate connection to
I find myself already loving parts of them
it’s not an obsessive thing
because it’s rooted in my openness
opposed to fixation
it’s a genuine appreciation
for who they are
they’re spirit
it comes out of
my deep desire to see and be seen
to swoon and be swooned
to love and be loved
I sometimes struggle to let my guard down entirely
but I love so fucking deeply
it’s a blessing and a curse
because I feel like I can see people
like, they’re hearts - you know?
I feel their goodness
and so while there may be guarding
they take up a small residence
in that thing that pumps my pulse
but just because I can see the goodness in their hearts
doesn’t mean I always get the respect I know I deserve
you see
a blessing and a curse
because I get the opportunity to love with a full wingspan
far and wide
but there is heartbreak
to feel so much
there is inevitable hurt
and yet
I still wouldn’t change it for the world
I’ll just continue learning
how to heal
and love from a whole place.