Writing My Everything is My Healing

I write my everything
the pain
the pleasure
the destruction
the ecstasy
sure, I don’t share it all
the torment that sometimes wreaks havoc on my mind
the erotica that seeps from my veins
the love poems that bleed from my heart
some of it filters out
but not all of it
my writing is my healing
the letters, words, characters
when they leak from my pen
or drip from my finger tips
that is my catharsis
the processing of any and all experiences
which move across my reality
I write my everything
most of it filters out at the end of the day
but some of my healing
it’s kept for me
locked away in the chambers of the pages in my journals
stacks of them dating back to high school
the folders within my laptop
archives upon archives
etchings of my heart and soul
stored away in this digital database
I write my everything
it’s what keeps me not only sane
but alive.