There's Nowhere to Run From Grief

When grief comes knocking at your door

It’s asking to be seen

There’s nowhere to run

Nowhere to hide

Sure, you can make an attempt at repressing it

Maybe turn a blind eye to it

Pretending like it doesn’t exist

But the truth of the matter is

You can only hide from your feelings for so long

Grief is a powerful emotion

When the swells begin to rise

It’s important to allow them to come crashing down

Like a surfer on a wave

Grief is meant to be ridden out

Felt through from start to finish

It’s asking to be seen

There’s nowhere to run

Nowhere to hide

Making an attempt at concealing it through




It’s all futile

Because the fact of the matter is

Grief will always surface at one point or another

No amount of repression can really keep it away

So, instead of doing anything other than staring it straight in the eyes

Make the choice to feel

Because grief needs to be felt

It needs to be heart

It needs to be seen

There’s nowhere to run from grief

There’s nowhere to hide from grief

Trust your inherent self-healing abilities

And the fact that while grief is something that’s often with us for a lifetime

Becoming something to integrate into our lives

Because a loss is a loss

Each wave comes to completion at some point

While there might be another one building on the horizon

There will be time to breathe once again

Choose to show up to your emotional landscape

Because that’s the best thing you can possibly do

To show up for yourself when you’re grieving.

Posted on January 4, 2016 and filed under Empowerment, Poetry.