The Most Real Moments of Them All

I crave silver lined lips
moonlight inspired kisses
summer nights walking down the middle of a quiet street
deep healing conversations
ones where visions and dreams are born
lion hearted humans
that also want to devour life whole
drinking it down in one succulent, slow sip
savoring every last drop
palms that are dripping with openness
wanting to grasp and be grasped
to hold tight and remember what connection feels like
wild tales of my life to tell that are so tall
one might find it hard to even believe it’s true
to weave a tapestry of experience so rich and real
it becomes unparalleled and legendary
give me the depth
the breadth
the vastness
the intimacy and the intensity
give me it all
for this is no half life I’m living
this is a whole woman having a full experience
and I will accept nothing less than that.