Being Palatable is Not the Idea Here

I don’t do or say what I have to say with the intention of being palatable.

Some of it can be gritty and hard to digest — like when you eat a meal of food so rich your body doesn’t quite know how to assimilate it all in an expedient manner.

My intent is to give you something to chew on, something that keeps your mind churning and your heart skipping a beat.

Something that takes you some time to fully absorb and find all the right places for.

I understand that my flavors aren’t always going to sit well with everyone’s tastebuds — we all have different appetites and cravings.

For every one person who’s not hungry for me, I know I’m exactly what a dozen other’s are in the mood for.

I do what I do and say what I have to say to hopefully light a fire in your innermost heart with the intention of that fire never again going out.

To the cumulative 40,000+ of you who choose to read the shit I have to say on a daily basis and take it in — I salute you and give you a deep bow.

Your time invested into hearing what I have to say is never taken for granted, even for a second.

I’m honored beyond belief that you care enough to be here with me, standing by my side on this crazy rollercoaster of living life as a humans constantly expanding into their utmost potential.

I salute you and give you a deep bow.