Hiding is Not the Answer

She thought hiding was the answer

Shrinking away out of sight

Making herself smaller

And smaller

And smaller

Until she was virtually invisible

She became passive

Melding and blending into everyone else in sight

Like a ghost

Only few could see her

She lived in fear of her magnitude

Frightened by her sheer capacity for being

Because deep, deep down inside

Tucked away in the crevices of her spirit

There lived a bright, burning flame

A bonfire of beingness

She knew it was there

But it scared her so much

It scared her enough

That it felt safer to try and turn away from the flame

Shivering in frigidity

Rather than to stoke the embers

Until there finally came a time

Where the pain of hiding from her power

Making herself smaller

And smaller

And smaller

Became far too great to bear

She couldn’t stand it any longer

Not another moment

Just like that
She made the decision to breathe life into her fire

Allowing it to expand her

No more shrinking

No more contracting

No more hiding

She lived with all her might

From that day forward.