What Happens When You Get Stripped Down to Nothing

When my brother died, I was stripped down to nothing.

I was swallowed up by the darkness, cast out into the abyss that is the mystery and unknown of life, with no return in sight.

But, there’s something beautiful that happens when you get stripped down to nothing.

Your radar for bullshit goes on full blast, and it becomes nearly impossible for any piece of untruth to make it into your sphere.

Not only that, but it highlights all the untruth that’s currently existing in your life, that you previously maybe were unable to see or were resisting looking at in it’s entirety.

In this revealing of untruth that happens when you get stripped down to nothing, it allows you to fully remove the rose colored glasses, seeing the world as it is (aka reality), without so much of the idealization and romanticizing that we as humans put on our experience to make reality more palatable.

There’s nothing quite like death to bring you right back to Earth.

People are always trying to escape their reality, hiding from themselves through the use of drugs and alcohol, the practice or obsession with religion and spirituality, judging other people excessively and overly analyzing those around them — all in the name of escapism.

So, in that revealing of untruth, because now you’re aligning with only that which you most connect to — your truth — everything else falls away.

The people you were surrounding yourself with that weren’t healthy for you, the experiences you weren’t really fully enjoying or were feeling forced, aspects of your lifestyle that weren’t serving you in your well-being, patterns you were ready to release that were holding you back and really any layer of bullshit you were tolerating that suddenly you just don’t have patience for any longer.

I’m not saying this can’t happen without getting stripped down to nothing — it can.

It doesn’t necessarily require a full on, radical, metaphorical death and rebirth to cultivate a honed bullshit radar, but having a significant death and rebirth experience can certainly expedite the process.

But it’s in this slaying of untruth in your life after feeling like you’ve lost everything, that you’re able to return from the darkness, the mystery, and the unknown.

You’re able to come home to yourself.

Not because the bullshit doesn’t still make it’s way into your life sometimes, or you do something that wasn’t actually ideal for your well-being from time to time — it all still happens, because we’re human and being human means being imperfect.

But because you’ve been so barren and lost in despair that you’re forced to look at, get to know, and love all of the parts of yourself that were once exiled.

You had no choice but to come home to yourself, loving each and every part back to wholeness, building it all back up into a semblance of a human again, but you're not the same person.

You’re more powerful than you were before, because you not only truly know yourself inside and out for the first time in your life, but you can expertly discern truth from untruth, idealization from reality, façade from actuality.

And the other beautiful part?

You’re no longer trying to escape your reality because in the process of revealing the untruth in your life, you’ve released the unhealthy coping mechanisms that were allowing you to hide from yourself and the craziness that is the reality of being a human being on this planet, today.

You’re totally and completely present to all that is — the darkness and light in life, the shadow and glory of yourself, the beauty and the beast — and every single archetype that simultaneously lives inside of you.

You’ve had the opportunity to walk through the fire and fall head over heels in love with yourself and with your life that it no longer becomes necessary to try and hide from any of it because the overflow of love for all parts of your reality is so huge, so deep, so expansive, that you want to soak up every last morsel of it — even the tough moments.

That’s what happens when you get stripped down to nothing.

Posted on December 30, 2016 and filed under Empowerment, Inspiration, Self-Love.