Don't Fall for the Façade of Social Media

Don’t be fooled by the Instagram façade

It's anywhere and everywhere you turn on social media

Perfectly sculpted feeds of photos

Engendering a sense of everyone having it all together

Except for you

Yes, you - you must be the only one struggling, wishing, craving, not having it all together

Everyone else though

They're good

It's just you

The odd one out

With the imperfect life

The flaws


That couldn't be further from the truth

Sometimes the beautifully arranged suite of photos is compensating for what's hiding in the shadows of the emotional life

Where authenticity is lacking

Pain often resides

No one is an exception to that

If ever you look at something I post and think for even a moment that I have it together or envy my life

Check yourself, because no one is an exception to the mess of life and mine is no different

Yes, my life is gorgeous and I'm absolutely blessed

But so is yours

And so are you

My madness can be all consuming and I'll be the last to say I'm immune to the vices and pain of life

There are days when I don't want to get out of bed and I feel the pressure to pretend like it doesn't exist

Because, you know

Your life has to be lovely and easy to digest


Goodness, you might be uninteresting

I wrestle constantly with how to show up in a real way that allows me to share my beauty and bliss

While also being honest about my personal struggles and often chaotic internal landscape

And sometimes I want to hide behind a pretty photo

Soak up the dopamine hit the likes and comments bring

No one has it all together

So the next time you find yourself pining over the traveling Instagram yoga model

Check yourself

Because she definitely doesn't have it all together either.