Sisterhood is Important to Our Survival as Women

Sisterhood is one of my survival strategies in life.

I surround myself with awesome women who are committed to showing up fully for themselves and those around them, women who are doing incredible work in the world, have brilliant craft to share, and who are genuinely deeply loving souls.

Whether it’s spending time with these women in person or catching up on the phone for hours on end, I make sure it happens multiple times every week.

Maybe it’s a dinner date together, going to a music show, or having a three hour call in the middle of the afternoon to break up the work day, breathing some joy and giddiness into the “business as usual”.

It’s not out of the ordinary for the time I spend with these women to begin with an opening statement to one another like, “Damn girl, you’re looking sexy as fuck!” or, if we know we have some specific processing to do, it might look more like, “Okay, let’s skip the small talk, I want to hear EVERYTHING. Lay it on.” and we make complete room for one another to share and be heard in depth, with whatever we’re in the midst of.

The theme here, is that we celebrate one another.

We get as excited for each other about the good things showing up in each person’s lives as we would as if that achievement was happening to us personally.

When one of us is feeling down, we lift one another up when when we don’t have the strength to lift ourselves up.

If someone is feeling a little crazy and needs a sounding board or to be talked off the ledge of giving up, we’re there to remind each other that our intuition is on point and “no, you’re definitely not losing your mind”.

Sisterhood quite literally keeps me sane.

The thing about having close relationships with women like this in life is that regardless of friendships that come and go over the years, sisterhood is a constant and steady current of support — a web that’s been woven over time as relationships grow, that’s available to lean into in any given moment.

These women give me life, are reliable, and I wouldn’t trade a single one of them for the world.