She's a Woman Unto Herself

She’s a woman unto herself

For awhile it was men that defined her

The way she wielded her sexuality

Where and how she fit into her place in society

Who she was at her core

What she believed in

Not anymore

That woman found herself

She stopped allowing others opinions and limitations to be the make-up of who she is


Life became a daily adventure

Of peeling back the layers of untruth

Unraveling the stories she’d been telling herself

Excavating her life to find it’s meaning

Every day finding more of who she was

And the more she found it

There was absolutely no turning back

Men no longer became a necessity for happiness, and instead were complimentary to it

She had a tenacious sense of purpose so there was no more questioning

The tough moments were embraced as a natural part of life, instead of something that had to debilitate her completely

Everything that didn’t feel healthy and supportive to her well-being was weeded out of the garden of her life

What was left was a love affair with herself

Not in a self-obsessed kind of way

But where she was so at peace with who she’d become

It no longer required external sources or things to bring her contentment

She just was

Taking each day at a time

Nothing could define her without her permission

She became a woman unto herself.

Posted on September 23, 2016 and filed under Empowerment, Inspiration.