Sexuality as a Gateway to Self-Actualization

I had a powerful one-on-one session with a client yesterday who signed on to work with me before I close up offering those kinds of programs for the foreseeable future.

We had a whole agenda of things to talk about, and almost instantly sexual repression came up as our clear need for focus for the majority of the 1.5 hours we spoke.

I’m realizing more and more every day, how so many women fear opening up to their sexuality as a gateway to greater self-actualization.

There is far too much shame in the world around sexuality in general, and especially as it pertains to women’s sexuality.

Don’t sleep with too many men, that would make you a slut.

You self-pleasure how much? You must have a sex addiction.

Give your husband more sex, because *he* needs that — it doesn't matter that he never makes room for your own pleasure.

Humans are innately sexual creatures.

There are confusing messages everywhere, using women’s bodies as sex symbols but then shaming them for having a healthy sexual appetite.

Women, this is a message for you:

Your sexuality is one of the doorways to your wild feminine nature, your uninhibited self-expression, and a very real way of coming into connection with yourself.

In the way that his pleasure is a priority, so is yours.

Sexuality isn’t exclusive to the bedroom — it’s part of how we show up and carry ourselves in the world.

There is absolutely no shame in that.

It’s not your job to tone down, censor, or shift how you express your sexuality in order to cater to someone else’s comfort zone.

Their comfort zone is their own responsibility to care for.

Your only job is to be the beautiful, radiant, sexual being that you are and honor yourself in that every step of the way.

No settling.

My invitation to you:

Kick that fucking door down, and sprint your cute ass all the way toward opening up to and expressing yourself sexually — however feels most healthy, authentic, and empowering for you.

It’s going to look different for every individual and it’s no one’s place or right to judge how you do that.

Posted on June 1, 2016 and filed under Sexuality, Self-Love, Empowerment.