Self-loathing Happens to Everyone From Time to Time

I woke up the other day ready to tighten up ship (aka self-care + movement) in my body a bit, because I haven't physically been feeling my best lately.

My skin has been breaking out more lately than I have in a very long time, I have these new sun spots this summer that are showing up across my forehead, nose, and cheeks that have never been there before, and find myself in general being a bit more self-critical than I can remember being in a very long time.

That's just the truth of where I'm at currently. That doesn't mean I don't think I'm beautiful -- I know that I am. That doesn't mean I'm not healthy -- I know that I am. That doesn't mean I don't love myself -- I most certainly do

My acknowledgement of my current truth is that I'm having a very human moment this week

We all falter from time to time, sometimes being more judgmental of ourselves than we know we should be, focusing more on our imperfections than our innate beauty.

I'm calling myself out as I reconnect to my internal compass to begin navigating back to that place inside where I feel at peace and in love with myself, free of critiquing and deprecating self-talk that I know I'm able to inhabit and do inhabit more often than not, on a regular basis.

Instead of hanging tough in my loungewear the other day like I do most days while I work, I decided to put on some clothes that made me feel a little sexier.

Instead of going totally makeup-less like I have been most of the time lately, I decided to take some time to do my eye makeup and layer myself in scents that make me feel luxurious.

We don't have to suffer in self-loathing. This week I decided to commit daily to taking the necessary action to start pulling me out of any feelings of self-loathing and anchor myself into some good old fashion self-love instead.

Also, #nofliter or nuthin' in the spirit of authentically showing. the. fuck. up.

Posted on September 15, 2016 and filed under Empowerment, Inspiration, Self-Love.