You Should Be Using Pleasure as a Compass in Life

Make pleasure your compass in life.

Too often we starve ourselves of what makes us feel truly good, the things that satiate us deep down to our bones, leaving us with a sense of peace and satisfaction.

Maybe it’s love, sex, food, new experiences, socializing, or any number of things. It’s different for everyone.

There’s such thing as overindulgence, but there’s for sure an overarching societal message that pleasure and allowing ourselves to experience pleasure is an indulgence.

For others, it’s almost like it becomes a spiritual quest for some to refrain from that which brings makes them feel good in every cell of their body.

Or, maybe it comes from a deeply ingrained story that we’re unlovable, sex is wrong, if we eat we’ll get fat, we aren’t deserving of that trip to the Caribbean, or that we have to work our asses off to the point of depletion in order to then finally go and have some fun.

Guess what?

Pleasure is not an indulgence.

It’s a birthright.

I’m telling you right now, that if it brings you deep down to your core pleasure, it’s not bad or wrong.

Pleasure should not only be a daily experience, it should be a moment-to-moment experience.

Our lives should be built and structuring around the things that make us feel good.

Starving yourself of whatever brings you the most genuine pleasure in life is not going to bring you enlightenment.

Being starved of pleasure makes a person wither away, leaving a husk of a human behind.

Pleasure brings every fiber of our being alive.

I want to feel as alive as possible during the short time I have here, so pleasure continues to remain my compass in life, guiding me toward that which nourishes me most deeply.