People Will Inevitably Take Advantage of You

People are going to take advantage of you in your lifetime.

It’s one of the inevitabilities of being a human.

We’re innately vulnerable, regardless of how strong we are or how impenetrable we might feel — when we let people into our worlds or we have something that someone else wants, there are times where people will take advantage of their relationship to us or the ideas we let them in on.

It doesn’t really matter whether we embrace our vulnerability or we take steps to make ourselves invulnerable — our vulnerability can be touched on in an instant, no matter how strong our walls are.

I created a really unique experience online for women to experience deep connection to one another, in a safe space where they can explore their vulnerabilities, heal past trauma, re-write stories about themselves and their lives that are no longer serving them, and build life-long bonds.

It’s my life’s work, it’s growing in potency with each passing day, and it’s bigger than just me as an individual who had the vision.

Since opening this experience up to the world over a year and a half ago, I’ve seen it copied and mimicked in various ways to adapt to other themes and offerings so many times.

Every time I see someone take the concept and make it their own, especially if they know me personally or draw from similar communities as my own, it hits a little pain point for me where I feel undermined or stolen from.

And yet, with each time I witness this happen, I take it as an invitation to observe the enormity of what I’ve created — that others are witnessing the grand scale on which this is contributing to women’s lives, that they want to make something similar of their own.

It reminds me that what I’ve created is unlike anything else out there, and no matter who mimics what I do or how they do it, it in no way takes away from what I’ve created, what I’m doing, and the unique creativity I’ve poured into my work, nor does it change the impact it’s having on the world and on individual’s personal lives.

I’ve had my writing straight up plagiarized many times, my name used to people’s advantage to further their personal agenda, and have been verbally bullied and abused on the internet due to the ideas I’m putting out there. I’ve received death threats, been called any number of names, and judged from sun up to sun down.

When this happens, I don’t hesitate to speak up and call people out if it feels right to do — because everyone deserves what justice they can achieve from what feels like a wrong-doing. I will not let my writing be used without my consent or have my name used in a way that is not in alignment with who I am.

AND, having said that, — I don’t let myself get hung up on any of it. I don’t sweat it out, let it consume my energy, or get the better of me in any way. Even if I take it personally at first, it doesn’t last, because at the end of the day, none of it changes who I am in my integrity as a person or anything about the fact that I’m the source of that creation.

Furthermore, it experiences like these only affirm the great impact of what I do to a greater extent that I might not otherwise realize, had they not taken advantage of my ideas or their connection to me as a person.

People might prey on your creativity and use it to their advantage instead of sourcing their own creativity.

They might copy you, mimic what you’ve built or what you’re doing, and maybe even go behind your back and betray you after you’ve trusted them and let them in on your brilliance.

Don’t let them take you down — keep being the bad bitch you are, who’s changing the motherfucking world with each passing day.