The Imperfection of Who We Are is Utter Perfection

I’m far from perfect.

I definitely don’t always get it right.

I mess up all the time.

I’m far from perfect.

And honestly?

That’s quite alright with me.

My days rarely go as planned.

There are constantly curveballs coming into my life.

I frequently get knocked off my feet.

And sometimes?

I really just don’t want to fucking get up.

There are plenty of days I don’t really feel like getting out of bed,

if you’d like the honest truth.

Whether or not you’d like it,

the honest truth is what I give.

Not wanting to get out of bed sometimes,

is quite okay, in my damn opinion.

It’s normal.


Because life can be really, really hard.

It’s okay to allow the darkness to overcome us for a little while.

We’ve got to “feel it to heal it”, right?

Having said all that,

just because my days don’t always go as planned,

just because curveballs show up in life,

just because I get knocked off my feet on occasion,

just because I don’t want to get out of bed sometimes,

just because life can be really, really fucking hard,

that doesn’t make me any less than magnificent.

Life is messy,

and what utterly exquisite poetry life is, in all of it’s messiness.

And in all of life’s messiness,

in those days not going as planned,

in those curveballs showing up,

in getting knocked off my feet,

in not wanting to get out of bed sometimes

in the challenges of life,

I find so much joy.

The most beautiful, magical, fulfilling joy imaginable.

None of the challenges and struggles of life keep me from continuing to choose to embody more and more of my greatness

While I choose to feel it all,

I also choose to show up for myself.

I choose to be happy.

I choose to learn from my pain.

I choose to breakthrough instead of break in half.

I choose to own that I’m whole and beautiful,


And most of all,

I choose to love myself.

What I’m getting at, is

I really don’t strive to be perfect.

I don’t really even like striving for anything much at all.

I enjoy creating,




and allowing.

Knowing that I’m inherently so fucking perfect in all of my imperfection.

I’m far from perfect.

But that doesn’t even come close to taking away from my wholeness.