Newsflash: There's Nothing Wrong With You

You’re not bad.

You’re not wrong.

You’re not broken.

What you are, is a human being figuring it’s way through life.

All day long, we’re bombarded with messages through media and various other outlets, that are in one way or another communicating how we’re going about it wrong, are inherently flawed, or engender a sense of being a bad person for going about life in a certain way.

Maybe you’ve been trying to quit smoking for awhile.

Perhaps you got in a fight with your partner and said something hurtful.

It’s possible that lingering injury is leading you to feel like you’ll never get to play that sport or do that activity in the same way you used to, ever again.

But you know what?

None of these things make you bad, wrong or broken.

Habits you aren’t proud of don't immediately equate to you being an inherent bad person.

You’re not flawed just because you can’t do everything in the same way you used to when you were younger, in the ripe years of your 20’s.

We all make mistakes, say the wrong thing, unintentionally hurt ourselves or others, and generally make a mess of things from time to time.

Just because you don’t do it “right”, in no way means that there’s something wrong with you.

The thing about us humans is that we’re whole just the way we are, but as we age and endure trauma or pain, it can fragment us or start us in telling ourselves some story about ourselves that’s not true or a result of said trauma or pain.

At your core, you are not bad, wrong, or broken.

We’re all figuring your way through this fucked up, crazy thing called life — it’s going to have it’s ups and downs, with some ecstatic heights, and depressing lows.

Do whatever you’ve got to do to unravel any story you’re telling yourself that’s saying anything other than you’re a spectacular work of art.

Because you are.