Your Ability to Love Deeply is a Strength, Not a Weakness

I love to love.

The act of giving and receiving love is so delicious to me.

I love quickly and easily — whether it’s a friend, family member, a lover, or a romantic partner, when I know, I know.

And I fall fast and hard for them.

That doesn’t mean I want to settle down to marry and have kids with the friend or casual lover, but more-so my heart acknowledges their magic and wants to love them through and through because I so quickly and easily can feel their essence, and I love to love people.

Friends in my lifetime have joked about how I fall in love easily, and it’s true — if I think about those I’ve loved in my lifetime, friend or romantic partner, there are many.

Some of those love stories are greater than others, some having left a deeper imprint on my heart than others, some that I still love immensely while others have more or less faded from my life and heart, but I feel like my ability to see the pure essence of someone and love them from that place comes easily to me, in that I fall for everyone I’m intimate in one way or another.

Whether that’s friendship intimacy, sexual intimacy or emotional intimacy, romantic intimacy, or any combination of those.

I love to love, and I wouldn’t trade my ability to fall in love with others for a damn thing.