Don't Ever Stop Loving As Hard As You Do

The issue is not
with you loving too hard
or being too much
the issue
is with their inability
to receive the fullness of who you are
the thing about relationships is
you’ll come across people that just are ready for you
whether they’re unprepared for a relationship
too immature to handle you
unable to meet your needs
scared of commitment
the list could go on
either way
if the person is not meeting you
in the ways that you desire
they’re just not ready for you
and you’ve got to let them go
waiting is rarely the answer
draining your life force
losing your precious energy
to someone that may never be ready
to receive the fullness of who you are
don’t make their inability to receive you
about you
it’s not about you
it’s about them
and let it be just that
without turning into a story
of everything you’re not.