You Need to Live Your Dreams Right Now

When I was a kid,

I wanted to be a writer when I grew up.

That was my dream for myself.

But I always thought I needed to have written books,

Or gone to college to get a degree.

I thought I need to be officially ordained as a writer by some magical force,

In order to truly be one.

Sure, I write for my blog on a weekly basis,

For all to see.

But what people don't usually see,

Is that I also write poetry, prose, and other strange little pieces on a daily basis.

Inspired by my personal life experiences,

These live stored away in files on my computer.

I write like a mad woman.

The muse claims me daily,

And causes my fingers to fly as I spill my heart out onto the blank page.

I share these pieces publicly sometimes,

But one day they'll turn into books.

I’m choosing right here,

And right now —

I’m a self-proclaimed writer.

I write in my own very special,

Eclectic sort of way.

I don’t follow rules,

Or guidelines.

I do writing my own way,

And it moves me.

So, if that makes me a writer,

I guess that means I’m actually living my dream right now.

Posted on July 10, 2015 and filed under Poetry, Inspiration, Lifestyle.