Leave it All On the Dance Floor

I’m insane


I push boundaries

and open people’s minds

I’m that girl you’ll see in the bar

Sipping a whiskey along with her beer

The one leaving it all on the dance floor

Or exuberantly diving into fascinating conversations with a stranger

No matter what the environment

I’m content with myself

I love who I am

As disorderly and profane as I can be

There’s an inner sense of peace that’s always with me

From wild nights up until 4AM

To meditating in the woods

Or spending a weekend alone holed up writing in my room

All of how I choose to express myself

And find more of who I am

Comes from embracing the full spectrum of my human experience

I’m a fulfilled woman

So it doesn’t matter what I’m doing

I’m turned on


I don’t hold back any more

Because I’ve learned

with enough loss

That life is nothing

It’s worthless

Unless we’re leaving it all on the dance floor

Whether it’s an actual dance floor

Or a metaphorical one


For the love of the Goddess

Don’t fucking hold back

Not your moves

Not your words

Not your gifts

Not your love


Just don’t hold back.