Please, Just Leave the Women Wild

This one’s for the men.

Any man out there who loves a woman,

Any man out there who wants a woman.

Any man out there who knows a woman.

I’m talking to you, men.

It’s time to stop trying to claim, tame, or possess us.

Enough with the repressing,

And the silencing.

Why do you desire to dull our shine,

When it’s the very thing that attracted you to us in the first place?

I know our wildness is a lot to handle,

Perhaps even scary, or frightening.

But my dear men,

Toning us down isn’t doing anyone a favor.

Please, please just breathe through the discomfort,

And embrace the fact that we are untamable.

There's something undeniably sexy about a woman in her power,

So don't try and stand in the way of her claiming that.

Eventually, we always break free of the chains,

We can only bear the shackles for so long.

Even if we've been chained already,

At one point or another, our wildness starts calling out to us again.

Please choose to love us in our wildness,

Knowing that there is no threat to you witnessing a woman in her power.

There is only great beauty to behold,

When you stop trying to control her and own her.

We’re free just like you,

So let us keep flying.