Jealousy is More Than Just a Feeling

Jealousy is more than a feeling.

It's an indicator of something more. When the feeling of jealousy arises, it's typically highlighting something that we're either uncomfortable with, some sort of wounding or pain that's taking up residency inside of us, or something that we desire for ourselves.

What if, instead of immediately reacting to pangs of jealousy, we observed it as an indicator toward something and instead sat with what the feeling is highlighting for us so that we can learn more about wants and desires through the experience instead?

When I observe someone with something I desire or want for myself, I enjoy re-framing jealousy into envy -- as to envy someone through acknowledgement of what's awesome about them feels much better than allowing myself to be ridden with jealousy.

Take note of jealousy when it shows up and allow it to serve you, rather than allowing it to completely sabotage your joy and well-being.

Posted on May 10, 2016 and filed under Empowerment, Inspiration, Self-Love.