There's a Fear of the Feminine Rising

They all say that they want to see the feminine rise.

“It’s what’s most needed on the planet right now, women paving the way!”

They speak of women’s leadership with such heartfelt dedication

Of it’s importance

The things that women can do

Should be given room to do

Or so they say

And so, we begin rising out of our hiding places

Unchaining ourselves from the darkest depths

The shadows

The places where our beauty, sexuality, freedom, healing abilities, and emotion have all been banished to

We test the waters

Is it safe for me to embrace the beauty of all that I am?

Is it safe for me to explore my sexuality?

Is it safe for me to exercise my healing abilities?

Is it safe for me to express my range of emotion

Am I really, really free?

We dip a toe into the ocean

Then our foot up to our ankle

Now both feet

Wading in up to our knees

Until we suddenly finding ourselves jumping, leaping and diving

Playing in the crashing waves

Is all of me really welcome here?

She’s out, the feminine, she’s really free!

That is, until the patriarchal fist comes crashing down, once again

Like clockwork

Women who are free

Embodied in their wildness

They’re seen as a threat

A threat to the controlling bubble that tries to keep us small and easy to understand


The smaller the better

All the better to control, my dear

All the better to use, my dear

All the better to consume my dear

As soon as the feminine makes her way out of hiding

All guards are up

Fear is forefront

And yet,

No matter how many times this happens

It can happen over and over again

Still, we rise

The feminine rises against all odds

Patriarchal fists crashing down or not

We will continuing rising

And what’s yet,

You don’t even know what’s still in store with us

The best is definitely yet to come.

Posted on November 29, 2016 and filed under Empowerment, Inspiration.