I'm Reclaiming My Name

As 2016 comes to a close, I'm beginning to initiate a shift that I've been incubating for some time + I feel ready to share it with you now, too.

It was about 3.5 years ago that I started the platform of Wild Woman Speaks as the pen-name I wrote under + operated out of.

During this time, it’s served me so well as an outlet to step into my service as a writer + women’s empowerment facilitator.

It’s with WWS that I had my first business successes, launching online courses, doing private mentoring, hosting retreats + most of all, creating a beautiful virtual space for fostering sisterhood (Wild Feminine Un.leashe) which continues to thrive into it’s 3rd year.

Beyond the business aspect, WWS gave me identity + my life meaning at a time when I was very lost.

I birthed WWS into the world a few months after my brother died, when I was floundering in the mystery of questioning who I was, life’s meaning + what the fuck I was doing.

WWS was a powerful archetype for me to embody, helping me rise like a phoenix from the ashes, finding the truth of who I am + why I’m here again.

Not only that, it helped carry me through the early stages of my initiation into womanhood.

But I don’t need an archetype, persona, pen-name or anything but my goddamn self to show up to the world with anymore.

That’s why I’m reclaiming my full name to share my work through.

Alexandra Schueler.

I’ll be writing + offering my services under my full name (starting with the change in my username on Facebook) because I channel my real ass self in all I do + for me — using a pen-name isn’t giving me anything but an unnecessary mask to hide behind, another box to fit into + is honestly something I’m really tired of maintaining.

I just want to be me.

Life is a constant evolution + I’ve outgrown WWS. It’s time for her to die an honorable death as I move into the next phase of my life.

Right now I’m nesting as I tend to what I want the next year + future as Alexandra Schueler to look like.

I’m developing new projects, retreats, personal travels + expansive experiences that I’m so excited about.

But more than anything, I’m deeply looking forward to sharing even more of my real ass self with you.