What it's Like When I'm Lusting

It starts with a brief flutter in my heart,

and moves into a clenching in my lower abdomen.

It’s like maybe I’m about to get sick,

but then turns into the most pleasurable, delicious, utterly sexy tension.

A tension that runs from the top to the bottom of my core,

tightening, squeezing, responding.

The response is to passion,

to chemistry,

to vibrancy.

Because the body knows who and what is going to bring it to life.

Whoever starting the rumor that our bodies are our enemies is a fool.

Our bodies fucking know.

They know when someone is right for us to touch or interact with,

our bodies know which choice is going to be best for us,

which foods are going to nourish us,

and when to say “yes” or “no”.

Lately, I’ve been listening really closely to my body,

and damn does she know when it’s a yes or no.

If only I had always listened to her,

I would have allowed anyone to enter me before I was ready,

I wouldn’t have taken that job that broke me down,

I wouldn’t have allowed that friend to control me.

Oh but baby,

I’m sure as hell listening now.

I hear you loud and clear,

and not only that — but I really, really fucking enjoy where you’re guiding me.

It’s always the flutter in my heart that’s the first sign,

and when in moves into the clenching of my lower abdomen?

Then I really know it’s a yes.

Posted on May 9, 2016 and filed under Health, Sexuality, Love & Relationships, Poetry.