I'll Never Not Be Me, I Promise You That

My life experiences

Have shaped me into a medley of personal expression

I didn’t necessarily follow the typical timeline

That most people might otherwise

In how they arrange their lives

With what they do

I thought I wanted to be a photographer

So I went to a semester of art school

I dropped out

Lost myself

But really

I found myself through doing that

Through accepting I might always do it like everyone else does

Traveling has been my education

Relationships have given me everything

I may have experienced a lot of loss in my lifetime

At the young age of 26

But it’s allowed me to love more deeply

I’m a woman who stands for the feminine

It’s empowerment



No matter what

I’m a business owner

Definitely an entrepreneur

I do everything my way

And don’t follow any sort of manual in how I do it

I make it up as I go

Because instead of a manual or handbook

I follow my heart

Allowing my intuition to guide me

Speaking my truth as I go

From that place

I’ve formed the way I show up as an individual

In a very unique way

I can be grungy at times

Because I don’t mind getting a little dirty

I’m a bit of a tomboy

More like a lot of one

With my snapback hats

Nothing but high top shoes

I can usually be found in sweatpants

I swear excessively

None of that makes me any less feminine

Often I make people a little uncomfortable

But trust is the name of my game

I’m reliable

Always operating in my fullest integrity

I take ownership for my mistakes

And know when I’m out of line

I am who I am

I might not always make sense

But I’m my own person

I move to my own beat

I live by my own rules

It’s okay that not everyone will always understand me

People don’t have to get me

In order for me to be comfortable in how I show up to life

I’m always going to do me

No matter what

That’s a promise.