I Will Not Wait for a Man

I will not wait for a man

I will not be your side chick to pick up and put down at your leisure

I will not be your lover simply out of convenience

To believe I’ll passively hold my breath

While you get your shit together

Love, you’re deeply confused

To waste my sacred moments allowing a man to define my existence

Dictate when and how I use my time




It will not happen

If you think you can leave me waiting now

And that I’ll still be there tomorrow

Wondering what you’re doing

Pining for your loving

My, how wrong you are darling

I am a chalice of holy water to be revered

Sipped slowly

I’m not to be taken lightly

Or assumed that temporary misuse of me can be so quickly laid to rest

In the face of you finally getting your priorities straight

If I’ve allowed you to take a sip of me

Once I’ve unhinged my armor for you

After my walls have started to come down

I know what I deserve

There’s no mistaking that

I refuse to settle

I will not wait for a man.