I Will Always Be a Voice for Women

To all of the beautiful humans who read the article I shared last week detailing the experience I went through in having an abortion recently.

All 4,500+ of you.

Over the past few days since I published my story, I’ve been sifting through hundreds and hundreds of comments, direct messages, text messages & videos from all of you who reached out with so much love, support & solidarity.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart & the depths of my soul.

I have so much gratitude for all of you that even took the time to read it, let alone reach out to me personally.

Not only writing out the stories of my life but also sharing them, is a vital part of the healing & catharsis for me in processing those experiences. It’s just how I roll, so your receptivity means a lot.

I trusted that my vulnerability in sharing my story would be met with love & support, but the level of praise I’ve received has been absolutely overwhelming.

At least half of the comments & private messages I’ve received have been from women who’ve had abortions & the recurring theme has been words of gratitude for publicly sharing what they didn’t feel safe enough to speak out into the world themselves, or were unable to find the words for at the time.

I knew that my sharing this would be impactful given the sheer volume of women that have abortions in their lifetime, but the level to which it was impactful has me reeling.

Women have had such an immense amount of shame imposed onto us around how we wield the rights to our bodies — whether it’s how we explore our sexuality, choose to adorn our bodies, ways that we express ourselves through the vehicle of our body, etc.

The act of abortion is one of many charged facets within which, there is a heavy burden of shame left for women to carry.

I refuse to be a neutral party in matters of the feminine as I will be a voice and advocate on behalf of all women until my final breath, in hopes of eradicating as much of the lifetimes of shame around our bodies, sexuality & rights that we’ve been left to carry.

I will carry it no more & neither will the rest of the collective of women if I have any say about it.

Posted on July 22, 2017 and filed under Empowerment, Inspiration, Health.