I Swallow Life Whole

My pulse is big and I love hard
taking big, juicy bites out of life
I choose to ravish my existence in the world
throwing her against the wall
as I kiss and suck her neck
undressing her slowly
piece by piece
enjoying every last morsel that is her makeup
giving my all to her
every last piece of me
taking up my personal little corner on Earth
so fucking completely
you could call it making love to life
but that sounds a little cheesy
I just don’t see any other way to live
with this desire to relish in every single moment
so deeply and pleasurably
that I feel the sensations of it
in every single cell of my body
I crave to have my bones rattle with joy
my heartbeat echo inside the cavern of my chest
radiating so intensely with the heat of love
there are no rules that I follow
just a moral code that’s attuned to integrity
a sense of self so firmly rooted
it’s hard for me to be even led astray
we all get away from ourselves sometimes
but with enough tests in life
struggles we face
weathering the storm without losing yourself
happens with more grace
and so I'm here
two feet fully planted over on this this side
fully engaged with
and invested into life
I’m in
I’m in
I’m in.