Being Evocative is My Vocation

I find it entertaining when people feel the need to try & check me on the language that I use in my writing.

The language I use often challenges people's belief systems & it’s not uncommon for me to receive a variety of messages from those who hold the belief systems I’m challenging, reaching out in an attempt to keep their ideals patched together by telling me how I’m doing it wrong.

Here’s the thing.

My writing is my art.

Art is up for our personal interpretation, most definitely — but it’s not there for us to tell the artist how their doing it wrong.

It’s created in order to evoke emotion & reactions — part of the whole point is for it to challenge our belief systems.

Most commonly, I get people trying to impress their flawed law of attraction belief system onto me, because the intensity of my language often isn’t fluffy or soft enough for them to digest.

Like, “you realize by saying that you’re not easy to love, you’re going to make yourself harder to love?”

Yeah, no.

Using the example of me saying I’m not easy to love is going to it harder for me to find love or “attract” it into my life, here’s the thing — the whole point of me saying that is that a poetic phrase highlighting a woman who’s established in her sense of self & if that doesn’t suit a partner’s taste, so be it.

It tells a story of a woman who once changed who she was in order to accommodate partners, but grew to solidly anchor herself into the truth of who she is, having lovers who are also established in who they are meet her there, rather then allowing herself to be bent & broken in the name of “love”

It’s amusing to me when my art challenges someone’s belief system enough that they feel the need to reach out to try to coach me on it or defend their stance in the world, whether it’s with the use of religious rhetoric, law of attraction crap, dietary dogma & more.

When art evokes a reaction in us, it’s an invitation for self-exploration — not for telling the artist they’re doing it wrong.

If my writing is evocative in any which way, love it or hate it, then I’m doing my job.

I will not change the way I create, express myself or the language I use in order to suit your preference.

Posted on July 22, 2017 and filed under Empowerment, Spirituality.