What Happened in Her Year Alone

There was a time

when she didn't know who she was

men would come into and out of her life

each time

she would allow herself to be absorbed into their world

always forgetting the core of who she was

what she stood for

her desires

what made her


continually losing sight

of the woman she wanted to be

it was almost as if

taking on their world

was easier than claiming her own truth

it wasn't until her year alone

while lovers came and went

she was a woman solely unto herself during that time

basking in self-love

saturating herself in it

quite honestly

for the very first time in her life

in that year

she found once and for all who she was

knowing she will continue to shape-shift

but never again to be confused

or lost into

someone else's world

only to have her own

with which she could share with others

inviting them in

stepping into theirs

but always remaining connected

to what's most true to her

she'd found herself

once and for all.