Don't Give a Fuck What They Think

People are so quick to judge one another’s lives these days
As if it’s some kind of dog show
Where everyone’s making notes in each category of the contestants life
Taking or allowing points based on their narrow life view
As if the Gods deemed them the scorekeeper of what’s right and wrong
Oh, but how’s her diet?
I can’t believe she’s eating that!
Who is it she’s spending her time around these days?
Those people she hangs out with are so weird!
Did you see what she was wearing yesterday at that restaurant?
How can she wear that out in public!
The pretentiousness bores the fuck out of me
Watching people get so invested in picking apart someone else’s existence
What’s so wrong with your own
That you’re becoming so caught up in theirs?
We all think we have it so right
Like we’ve figured it out
The answers to life
Laid upon us like blessings
Guess what?
Even if you think you’ve got life right
It doesn’t mean everyone wants to live life your way
Whatever’s most “natural” to you
Might not resonate for someone else
And that doesn’t make them wrong
It simply means there’s a difference between you
So the next time you go to lay down a comment
Judging someone’s eating choices
Ugh, if they only knew the options that exist out there
Questioning someone’s style choice
Don’t they realize that just doesn’t look good on them
As you sit all high and mightily on your pedestal
Turn the lens around to you
And ask yourself
Why do you give so many goddamn fucks about what that other person is doing?

Posted on August 4, 2017 and filed under Empowerment, Inspiration.