Fuck Simple Strategies, How-To's & 9 Things You Need to Be

This space isn't a 12 steps how to

5 ways you can

3 simple strategies for

9 things you need to be

100 things you aren't

This space

This space is for coming alive

Feeling into the innate expansiveness of your being

Remembering all of the things you already are

Not focusing on all of the things you are not

This is a space to remember the freeness of your spirit

Where you can find the liberation to lay down the shackles and chains that have been placed upon you

Lay down the armor you've layered on over the years to safely experience your vulnerability

Source the boundaries that protect you so that you can relax into the fullness of your spirit

Ease into the sensuality of being a human - being

Where the capacity to feel everything, every facet of pleasure, pain and spectrum of the experience of being in a body is welcomed

This is a space to come home to yourself

Free of catch phrases, hype words, and manipulation

This is a space of truth speaking/telling/accessing

I'm tired of the seductive language that steers the voyager further away from themselves

Underlying messages that manipulate a person into thinking that they aren't able to access their wholeness in any given moment

It sells and seduces to cover up the lack of substance behind the pretty face

If you want to feel

Stay with me here

If you want to numb and hide from yourself

This is not the place to be

For this space, my words, what I stand for

It's intended to serve as a mirror

To help you experience more life

And source the truest sense of home you can possible feel

Which is within your very own self.