Fuck Anyone Telling You Not to Look for Love

Fuck anyone telling you not to look for love
I hold a belief that many
if not most of us
are out there seeking love
perhaps some are actively on the search
craving the all encompassing
world shaking
experience that is falling in love
while others are distracted with other aspects of life
silently holding space for love to enter their reality
or maybe you’ve given up a little bit on love
yet if you really look inside
there’s a small corner in your heart dreaming up
that perfect love for yourself
here’s the thing
there’s not a damn thing wrong with seeking love
the only issue with looking for love in your life
is when it becomes the core focus
and purpose
of your existence
when you’re living to find a partner
you’re no longer living for yourself
there’s a difference between doing that
and living your precious, beautiful, epic life
while holding the vision in the background
for your person to enter your world
your life is yours to live
don’t waste it waiting for someone to come into your reality
to give it purpose
you can choose to live purposefully now
and gently trust that your person will arrive
in their own good time
while you’re out there
living fully
cultivating your queendom
connecting to the truth of who you are
that eventually
will be so goddamn enjoyable
to share with someone else
in good time
and when that day comes
that your person arrives
how poetically sweet will it be
that you spent that time loving yourself
rather than losing yourself.