Fuck a Person's Potential

There’s this tendency that many of us humans have, to attach to someone’s potential.

The notion that they could do better than they’re behaving.

That they have more to offer the world than what they currently are.

That this will most certainly be the last time they hurt us in whichever way they do.

We need to stop attaching ourselves to people’s “potential”.

This idea of potential is so obscure and intangible, and if we’re being honest — doesn’t even necessarily exist.

It’s one thing to believe in someone, and another to attach to their potential and how they could do or be better, to the point that it wreaks havoc on our well-being as we make our lives about them and what they could be doing better.

I’ve lost so many hours to relationships and people that had “potential”, hoping to work that connection into something long lasting or help the individual see the greatness that exists within them.

Guess what?

Some people just don’t care — about their greatness, the truth, or integrity.

I’ve been making it a practice the last year, to help dissolve any tendencies I have toward codependency, to believe someone’s true colors when they show them to me.

Rather than make up some story about how they could be better, I take their word and actions at face value to save myself that time and energy for those who mutually life me up and those who do desire my support.

It’s a huge unraveling to decide to finally take people at their words and action, because it means claiming that we deserve better relationships and treatment from those in our lives.

Not only that, but it takes our power back and leaves us in control of the kind of people we want to have around us.

To tell with potential — invest your energy where it’s respected, honored and take care of your damn self.