Exercising Your Sexual Freedom is Your Right

Women have been shamed for their sexuality for too long.

I’ve endured a huge amount of it, both passively, aggressively + passive aggressively from people over the years.

God forbid a woman have a healthy sexual appetite, she’s obviously a slut.

But don’t you dare be prudish, for that would make you undesirable for men + what’s your use then?

Women endure so much judgement + shaming all day— not just from men, but other women too.

We’re expected to be confident, hyper sexual creatures, for that’s what attracts men, but the second we enter into a relationship, to completely dull our sexual light.

The second we try to lock someone cages, we’ve lost them.

How dare you wear things that make you feel good, have platonic male friends or own sexuality related books to better understand your body?

Women are expected to magically dance between the virgin + whore archetype, not being too sexual because while that’s expected of her to make her desirable, it’s also what makes her a threat.

It’s time to wake the fuck up + quit oppressing women’s ability to be sexually free creatures in the way that men have been celebrated as sexually free creatures.

Who’s to judge whether a woman’s fucked 1 person or 100?

If she wants to have lots of sex with multiple partners, or lots of sex with her one monogamous parter?

If she likes it vanilla, kinky, to get tossed around, or made sweet love to?

Oh, but what if she likes it all!

It’s her body, she can do whatever she wants with it.

Too many people who supposedly celebrate women’s rights simultaneously want a woman to shrink in her sexuality, because a woman who’s sexually empowered scares the shit out of them.

She’s only a threat to your person sexual repression, because seeing her makes you look at your shit.

The next time you go to judge someone’s sexuality, practice self-inquiry as to why you think you have the right to judge, or what about their choices makes you feel insecure.

To my women out there, keep exercising your sexual freedom, however you choose to do that, as long as it makes you feel good.

Keep doing you + don’t listen to the fuckers that judge you — whatever they say, it’s about them + not about you.