There's Such Thing as Sacred Cynicism

Sacred cynicism is a very real thing.

If you can't make fun of and laugh at shit you come up against in your lifetime for play, catharsis and with good intention, expect life not to be all that fun.

Being cynical does not always equate to being an untrusting asshole -- maybe you just have a really spectacular bullshit radar and see through the façade, where most people otherwise do not.

Having some level of cynicism running through your veins means your far less likely to buy into the crap that's been handed to us on a silver platter ever day.

Or, maybe you see the humor of situations where other people fall far too deeply into the serious nature of life.

Hysterical laughter at inappropriate moments can be just what the doctor ordered -- whether it's your personal prescription or something the people around you had no idea they even needed.

Don't be too serious, you'll never get out alive.