Don't Live Your Life for Someone Else

Are you living your life for yourself or for someone else?

There's a difference between living a life of service to helping others and living a life that's in service to pleasing others.

It's not your job now, nor has it even been, to live to please others.

You might believe that living in pursuit of pleasing other people helps them -- perhaps you believe you're supporting them in one way or another by trying to please them, or attempting to keep them happy through your choices and actions.

Another person's happiness is not your responsibility. Happiness is an inside job, who's responsibility is none other than the individual themselves.

Living into the idea of what you think other people want you to be keeps you small.

Trying to keep everyone around you happy all the time keeps you small.

Being a people pleaser keeps you small.

Here's your reality check: You simply cannot keep people happy all the time. It's impossible.

You're always going to let someone down or disappoint them in one way or another, even if it's just from time to time, no matter how hard you strive to please them.

Letting go of the people pleaser mentality is not being selfish -- staying true to the authentic you that's inside is being of service to the entire world.

You can be yourself through and through, and live a life of helping others.

Your real job in this lifetime?

To live a life that makes you happy and feels true to you.

In turn, the brighter you shine, the more space you take up, the more you lift up everyone else around you.