Please, Don't Give Up

For the dreamers

the big thinkers

the visionaries

the healers

the feelers

the creators

the artists

the mothers

the fathers

the sisters

the brothers

all of you

We need you.

Life hits us so hard sometimes,

and it can feel like we’re bearing the weight of the world.

How can we physically hold it all,

when we’re just this spec of minutiae in the grand scheme of things?

Dear one,

I need you to know something.

When the feeling gets tough

When the holding gets tough

When the being gets tough

Please, don’t ever forget how much we need you.

Every single human on this Earth has a purpose,

and I believe that we all are here in service for something greater.


when you begin to question it all

wondering why you’re here

what it’s all for

is it really even worth it

You’ve got to know that it is.

It’s worth every second

even through the pain

even through the challenges

even through the hardships

you’re worth it.

You’re worth it to me

You’re worth it to your loved ones

You’re worth it to the world.


Don’t give up now.

Posted on December 4, 2015 and filed under Empowerment, Inspiration.