Choose to Lean Into the Mystery

People find a lot of discomfort in the mystery.

I know I do, but I’ve learned to trust it — and sometimes, I even love it.

The unknown can be a frightening place to be, especially when humans these days have such an addiction to clarity.

There's often a sense of comfort and safety in knowing exactly how something is going to play out -- that way, it's almost like we have control over it, so even if it's not going our way, we can take steps to handle how the series of events might play out.

The fact of the matter is, the mystery is going to have it’s way with us, whether we like it or not.

Being a chronic control freak leads to a very, very mundane life.

Sure, you might have the ongoing sense of comfort of knowing what’s coming next, but the reality is — control is boring.

There’s a place for it, but when we welcome the unknown, quite literally allowing ourselves to find comfort in saying from time to time, “I don’t know.” is an incredibly powerful thing.

It’s no one’s job to know it all, nor can they.

The next time you feel unclear on something or don’t know what’s coming next within a certain situation, practice relaxing into the mystery of it.

Yes, it’s an exercise in trust, and trusting can be hard.

Do you believe you’re taken care of by the higher ups?

Do you believe you can have your needs met without having complete clarity?

Attempting to logic your way through everything will not only lead to mental fatigue, but it’s a great way to expel the magic out of life.

There is magic in the mystery.

Lean into it and let it in.