I'd Rather Have My Dreams Then a Cheap Fuck

The last month

I care more about making my dreams come true than having a cheap fuck

And no, that doesn’t mean I don’t like sex

I fucking love it

But it’s not always worth wasting the precious time I could be investing into




Giving away my precious life force for subpar intimacy just to validate that someone wants me

No thank you

I no longer require that type of validation

I’d rather channel that creative force into making shit happen

And wait patiently for a lover to arrive on my path who wants to share mutual body worship

Whether it’s casual and fleeting worship

Or deep and long-lasting worship

Cheap and casual are not necessarily synonymous experiences

It doesn’t matter to me right now

I’ve had enough cheap sex to last me a lifetime

And enough profound sex to know what I want more of

I’m willing to wait

While in this present moment I pour myself into weaving even more magic in my life

And act as my own best lover

Because I don’t need a cheap fuck to validate my beauty, existence, worth, sexuality

Or anything in between

I know who I am and what I’m capable of

And if lovers aren’t crossing my path who can meet me there

I’ll just keep relishing in loving myself until they do.