A Part of Me Died That Day

I live with a relatively steady undertone of pain each and every day

And that’s because

When my little brother died a few years a go

A part of me did too

It might not appear as such on the surface always

As I’m social, outgoing, happy, joyful

I laugh and smile a lot

Surrounded by friends

I deeply enjoy being around others

My life is beautiful, rich with blessings, abundance, and magic

I love my life

I’m happy to be alive

I excavate as much richness of every moment that I possibly can

These are all very real parts of me

But under the surface

Just behind the smile

The big heart

The loving glance

There lives a broken heart,

One that knows loss and heartbreak

Very intimately

Like it’s her middle name,

It’s a part of who I am

It has shaped me

Although, it hasn’t shaped me in a negative way

Because while a part of me died when he did

Another part of me came alive

The part of me that that deeply understands

How very fleeting life is

That knows how to differentiate what’s important from what’s not

And who’s capacity for bullshit, drama, and the inane

Is slim to none

This loss and pain

It opened me to such a real part of life

It’s like my eyes opened for the first time

This broken heart of mine

It motivates me to live more fully

With each passing day

It brings me alive

Rather than slowly killing me

It calls me to expand

Instead of self-destructing


Can indeed

Break us open.

Posted on June 28, 2016 and filed under Inspiration, Empowerment, Poetry.