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I Had An Abortion & I Want to Talk About It

Another one of those moments for me, happened just a couple weeks ago, when I came to find out that a missed period was in fact pregnancy, with life that I would not be bringing into the world.

I looked at the positive pregnancy test, as a sense of numbness flooded my body — one of my closest girlfriends looking on at me, while I was sitting on the toilet, staring blankly at this plastic stick, taking in the information in front of me with a sense of disbelief.

I’m pregnant and I won’t be having what would eventually be, a baby.

Sexuality as a Gateway to Self-Actualization

I had a powerful one-on-one session with a client yesterday who signed on to work with me before I close up offering those kinds of programs for the foreseeable future.

We had a whole agenda of things to talk about, and almost instantly sexual repression came up as our clear need for focus for the majority of the 1.5 hours we spoke