When Criticism Hits You Where it Hurts Most

I’m no stranger to criticism, negative feedback & even straight up trolling.

It’s something that I understand I’m subjecting myself to by publishing my art to the internet every day — it’s one of the risks of putting yourself out there as a creative.

You will not always be liked & people will sometimes tell you what they think is wrong with your art.

Posted on October 21, 2017 and filed under Empowerment, Self-Love.

Fuck a Person's Potential

There’s this tendency that many of us humans have, to attach to someone’s potential.

The notion that they could do better than they’re behaving.

That they have more to offer the world than what they currently are.

That this will most certainly be the last time they hurt us in whichever way they do.

We need to stop attaching ourselves to people’s “potential”.