Wild Women Unveiled

A Collaborative Transformational Women's Project

Stories have the power to change. Stories have the power to heal. Stories have the power to shift the trajectory of our lives forever, for the better.

In the work that I do as a women’s embodiment mentor, helping them to unleash and embrace their wild feminine nature, I’ve heard a lot of incredible stories along the way.

Women’s stories.

Stories of their defeat.

Stories of their triumphs.

Stories of their struggles.

Stories of their celebration.

So. Many. Stories.

In hearing these stories over the course of the last few years, I have been so deeply moved by a woman’s ability to overcome in the face of odds — by their ability to create without any means or encouragement to do so.

You see, my work is all about supporting women to come into deeper connection communion with their “wild woman” within.

The reason why I work with women in embodying the wild woman archetype is because I know firsthand the profound impact it has to improve her way of life and deepen her love for herself, to tremendous degrees.

Entering into deeper connection to the wild woman within, or embracing more of the wild woman archetype, to me — simply means to unleash, cease restraining, and set free our authentically wild nature. To allow the most real, honest, and true expression of ourselves as women to come forth and seen in the world.

That’s where Wild Women Unveiled comes in.

Because I have been so touched by hearing women’s powerful stories and journey’s, I had the idea to curate a project that shed light on the beautiful impact unleashing and embracing the wild feminine nature has on women themselves.

I asked women from far and wide to participate. Women I’ve worked with directly, and indirectly. Women I’ve met, and women I’ve never met. Women I’ve spoken to, and women I’ve never spoken to.

Over 40 women submitted their beautiful stories to be shared in the Wild Women Unveiled project. Over 40 women, exposing their raw beauty, their heartfelt truths, and gorgeous authenticity to the world — to be seen and felt by you, the reader, in all of their tender vulnerability.

These are the women you’re about to hear from.

These are their stories about setting their wild woman within free, and how that changed their lives for the better.

Read their stories, soak up their beauty, be inspired by their power, allow yourself to be moved by these special women.

Simply click on the images of the women below to be taken to their very intimate written interviews, and learn about their personal journey with unleashing and embracing wild woman within.

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Jenny Martineau

Brooke Rosenblum

Laura Licata

Lindsay Hagamen

Beth Katherine

Colleen Emery

Em Thomas

Aurora Baxter

Daniela Aum

Elisa Rosselli

Hannah Jermstad

Sabrina Ourania

Danielle Bertoia

Nessa Clairmont

Sarah Ann Lesslie

Melissa Tal

Jodi Piotrowski

Sarah Diedrick

Karin Ayuni

Kelly Noelle

Carolina Florez

Kim Britt

Heather Isobel

Alisa Blanchard

Stacy Cimino

Sarah Thomson

Lauren McKenna

Adelina Sarkisyan

Darion Murdock

Anna Miedema

Rebecca Ramdeholl

Amber SunRose

Krista Kubie

Jillian Anjali

Martha Eden

Paula Nelson

Chloe Parsons

Browning Kenney

Nonamae Satya